Folk in the Field

Tue, Jun 6, 2017

Excited to announce a new project with the Calgary Folk Music Festival produced by Six Degrees Music & Sound and West Meridian Media!

Folk in the Field is a collection of live field recordings around iconic spots around Calgary and beyond. It showcases the diversity of artists, music, locations and year round experiences offered by Calgary Folk Music Festival. Celebrating new artists and old faves - because we're not jus' folk and neither are you.

We'll be updating this page as each video is released! 

Folk in the Field #13 - The Dead South

-12°C can't throw The Dead South off their game! Here's their frozen-fingered performance of Boots

Folk in the Field #12 - The Darcys

Toronto based rock band The Darcys take their Folk in the Field performance to Big Rock Brewery!

Folk in the Field #11 - Rosalind

Homegrown in Calgary, Rosalind played the East Village playground with a charming performance.

Folk in the Field #10 - Sinzere

The public art on the corner of 17th Ave and 4th Street makes for a great backdrop for these busted rhymes from Sinzere.

Folk in the Field #9 - Jenn Grant

Two-time nominated Juno singer songwriter Jenn Grant performs Lying with Me at the iconic Calgary Ruins.

Folk in the Field #8 - The Pines

Minneapolis-based band The Pines performs at Prince's Island Park. A hushed mix of acoustic and electric sounds creates a kind of haunted landscape.

Folk in the Field #7 - Jason Famous and Le Fame

Pop sensation meets performance art with Jason Famous and his muse Le Fame. Performing Surprise Sex – you’ll love every minute of the satisfaction. 

Folk in the Field #6 - JJ Shiplett

Calgary roots artist JJ Shiplet took to the streets during CFMF Block Heater 2017. Performing Higher Ground in front of Festival Hall with JJ’s rowdy crew always makes for a good time.

Folk in the Field #5 - Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Calgary singer-songwriter and local treausre Michael Bernard Fitzgerald performs at his pie reception at CFMF 2016.

Folk in the Field #4 - Oh Pep!

The Peace Bridge makes for a great backdrop for mesmerizing Australian folk pop band Oh Pep. 

Folk in the Field #3 - Lemon Bucket Orchestra

21-member Canadian self-described "Balkan-Klezmer-Gypsy-Party-Punk-Super Band" Lemon Bucket Orchestra performed in Prince's Island Park. 

Folk in the Field #2 - Lisa LeBlanc

Juno award nominee Lisa LeBlanc rocked her Folk in the Field performance at the abandoned Penguin Car Wash. 

Folk in the Field #1 - Scenic Route to Alaska

Scenic Route to Alaska kicked off Folk in the Field with a lively accoustic performance of Long Walk Home.