Big Rock

Keeping the Rock 'n' Roll spirit alive! Join 3 x Juno winners The Sheepdogs for a night of beef-and-boogie, twin-axe riffs, hooks, shuffles and long-haired aesthetic in the outdoor Shaw Amphitheatre!

Banff Centre: The Sheepdogs

Trends come and go, styles fall in and out of fashion, but The Sheepdogs remain steadfast in their commitment to rock n’ roll excellence. Since their inception, the band has always sought to play the kind of music they themselves love: “Pure, simple, good-time music,”.

Canada’s favourite bearded rockers The Sheepdogs have also just released their new album Changing Colours.  The album, the Saskatechewanian’s sixth studio release was heralded by “I’ve Got a Hole Where My Heart Should Be,” which reached the top spot at rock radio to join the ranks of the bands #1 hits “Feeling Good,” “The Way It Is” and “How Late, How Long”.

For a new album that The Sheepdogs didn’t initially set out to make, Changing Colours is a stunning achievement. Proud purveyors of guitar-driven modern-day retro rock, the triple Juno Award-winning Saskatoon-based quintet has expanded its sound on Changing Colours to encompass more styles and hues to enhance The Sheepdogs’ trademark beef-and-boogie twin-axe riffs, hooks, shuffles and long-haired aesthetic.