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The ROYAL Hangover Cure Comedy Show

First things first, look at this lineup!
DEANNE SMITH (Just For Laughs, Netflix)
NIGEL GRINSTEAD (Just For Laughs, JFL Homegrown winner)
CHANTY MAROSTICA (Just for Laughs, Top Comic finalist)
ROB PUE (Winnipeg Comedy Fest, Halifax Comedy Fest)
AISHA BROWN (Just For Laughs, Kevin Hart’s LOL Network)
ALI HASSAN (Co-host of CBC’s Q, host of CBC’s Laugh Out Loud)

For six years the Hangover Cure Comedy Show has brought some of the most talented comedians in Canada to perform on a hidden patio tucked away behind College street’s Cloak & Dagger Pub.
Performing under an overhanging plum tree, on a 4×6 wooden stage, without a microphone, in front of 65 devoted fans of the show, comedians and audience alike have grown to love this intimate setting and all the natural surprises it has to offer. Now, to celebrate the end of our sixth season, we’ve put some of the crowds’ all-time favourite comedians together, on one lineup, for a star-studded show at the famous Royal Cinema.