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Big Rock Brewery welcomes its latest brand to the Big Rock family... WHITE PEAKS HARD STEEPED TEA, BORN FROM THE WATERS OF THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS.

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“Innovation is our heritage, and is also our future” says Wayne Arsenault, Big Rock’s CEO.
The new White Peaks Hard Steeped Tea brand builds on that heritage. It is a hand-crafted Hard Tea, made
with real steeped tea in custom made 65 kg tea bags to fit inside our brewing kettles, combined with pure
meltwater from the rocky mountains, real fruit Favours and sweetened with pure cane sugar.

Big Rock Brewery is committed to a rich heritage of innovation. Big Rock’s founder, Ed McNally, was driven by a passion to bring craft beer to Canadians every day, everywhere. Big Rock still believes in the importance of hand-crafted products in a high-volume world, and we’re proud of it.
Big Rock’s passion for making award-winning premium alcoholic beverages can be tasted in every can.
White Peaks is one of the few Hard Tea products in the market that uses real steeped tea leaves for an
authentic tea taste.

Our lightly sweetened teas have the perfect balance of refreshing taste and low calories to fit today’s
growing consumer demand for high quality, better-for-you products. We feel this product provides
consumers with the best of both worlds, authentic tea with full-bodied fruit favours that is still a lower
calorie option.

• Authentic Tea made by steeping real black and white tea leaves
• Glacial-Melt water from the Rocky Mountains
• Natural Fruit Flavours
• Pure Cane Sugar
• Low Calorie
• Non-Carbonated

White Peaks Hard Tea will be released in April in AB, BC, MB, SK as a 12 x 355ml can variety pack.
Our Original Tea with Meyer Lemon and our Wild Saskatoon and Blueberry favours will also be released
as 6 x 355ml packs.

For further information contact
Hayley Ballinger, Director of Marketing



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