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Big Rock Brewery’s Lengthy History of Supporting Local Arts, Businesses, Music, & Culture

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Big Rock Brewery’s Lengthy History of Supporting

Local Arts, Businesses, Music, & Culture


August 18, 2021

“Support local” is a call to action found everywhere in recent years aimed to support the success of small artists and businesses. What isn’t recent, is Big Rock Brewery’s support of local arts, businesses, music, and culture. We’ve done it since ‘85, and we’re doing it still.

Building an experience that brings people together is something we’re passionate about. Fronting operations costs for events, creating materials for traditional and digital advertising, and donating liquid and branded merchandise for prizing are a few ways we’ve shown support to the city in which we were born. We believe the artists and businesses in Calgary are our fellow neighbours and many have supported us over the years by way of enjoying our beers and spreading kind words about our brand and product. Our local love goes beyond just Calgary, though. We’re proud Western Canadians supporting fellow proud (and incredibly talented) Western Canadians.

Big Rock founder Ed McNally and his wife Linda were patrons of the arts long before they were brewery pioneers. They noticed the arts were neglected from a sponsorship perspective. They enjoyed Big Rock beers and attending cultural events, so they decided “why not marry the two together?” Ed and Linda’s passion for the arts are just as undeniable as how Big Rock’s early support of the arts has influenced how contemporary craft beer views community investment.

The 42nd annual Calgary Folk Music Festival (CFMF) recently took place in Prince’s Island Park in July. We have over two decades down as an exclusive partner of the CFMF team and are thrilled that this year’s event was Canada’s second ever since covid-19’s arrival in our country. It felt so good to be surrounded by smiling faces of dancing Calgarians, all holding Big Rock products handed to them by 1 of 600+ CFMF volunteers. We’ve needed this and are

Our long-time support of annual Folk Music Festivals also stretches across Winnipeg, Regina, and Edmonton with more recent support of the Vancouver and Yellowknife Festivals and Edmonton Fringe (the second largest Fringe Festival next to Edinburgh, Scotland – home of the largest arts festival in the world).

It’s no secret that covid-19 has left many people feeling isolated, lost, lonely, and desperate for social connection. Many artists and businesses were hit hard and had to look elsewhere to earn their incomes. Now more than ever, supporting local is crucial for the sake of the Canadian economy and the mental health and quality of life of our community members. This year’s CFMF revived our social lives and has us even more excited for local events to come, including Edmonton Fringe, Alberta Beer Week, and more. We’ve needed human-to-human connection and are proud to be a part of easing this back into our lives one event at a time. Arts, business, music, and culture are for everyone – just like our craft beer. Cheers to an eventful remainder of 2021 and beyond!

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