Signature Series

Big Rock's mandate is to deliver delicious craft beer that is authentic, masterful and audacious. And nowhere is our commitment to going the extra mile and never compromising more self-evident than in our Signature Series brews.


Dunkelweizen (Dark Wheat Ale)

Fowl Mouth ESB

ESB (English Special Bitter)

Grasshopper Wheat Ale

Kristallweizen (filtered wheat ale)

Honey Brown Lager

Dark Lager

IPA India Pale Ale

India Pale Ale

McNally's Extra

Irish Red Ale

Mosaic Lager

India Pale Lager

Scottish Style Heavy Ale

Scottish Style Heavy Ale

Traditional Ale

English-style brown ale

Warthog English Style Mild Ale

English Style Mild Ale


Featuring our most imaginative flavours and profiles, they are a product of our passion for invention, our constant curiosity and our insatiable sense of adventure.

Abandoned Abbey

Belgian Abbey Style Dark Ale


Belgian fruit beer

Purple Gas

Fruit Ale

Barrel Aged

Bourbon Barrel Porter

Barrel Aged Porter

Cider Series

Rock Creek Peach Cider

Sweet Peach Cider

Rock Creek Pear Cider

Sweet Pear Cider

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