Signature Series

Big Rock's mandate is to deliver delicious craft beer that is authentic, masterful and audacious. And nowhere is our commitment to going the extra mile and never compromising more self-evident than in our Signature Series brews.


If you think the name’s a mouthful, wait till you taste the complex flavours of its five distinct malts and two different German hops

Fowl Mouth ESB

Sweet malty flavour’s, notes of dark fruit, giving way to a dry, earthy hop.

Grasshopper Wheat Ale

A light touch of hops gives the brew a crisp finish, balancing its soft sweetness and texture with fruity or citrusy notes.

Honey Brown Lager

Sweet honey/molasses flavour, slightly hopped with fuller mouth feel.

IPA India Pale Ale

A classic, sessionable IPA, dry hopped to lend a distinctive citrusy Cascade hop flavour and aroma.

McNally's Extra

Strong malt and hop character with flavours of burnt toffee, caramel, and a touch of dark fruity plum notes.

SAAZ Republic Pilz

Soft malty flavour balanced with a mild bitterness and a fragrant hop nose.

Scottish Style Heavy Ale

Strong and full bodied with a complex mix of toffee, caramel, vanilla and a hint of peat.

Traditional Ale

This English-style brown ale fills your mouth with a fusion of toasty malt and sweet caramel up front finishing with a nutty flavour, medium creamy carbonation, and mild hop bitterness.

Warthog English Style Mild Ale

Malty with a hint of toffee balanced with a mild hop bite and a clean finish.

Alchemist Edition

The deliberate difference that makes Big Rock what it is, also makes for a lot of one-off, very limited edition, small batch brews. These rare beers smash all the rules as they declare anarchy on the predictable. But, revolutions can't last forever, and when they're gone, they're gone.

Anthea Wet Hop Ale

Intense hop flavour with no hop bite. Extremely fresh tasting.

Birch Bark Canadian Imperial Stout

Dark full bodied stout with complex malt character balanced with earthy hops and warming alcohol. Slightly astringent black malt flavour notes of dark fruit and the sweetness of caramel and birch. Subtle peat and oak in the background.


Slightly tart with the sweetness of raspberries and dark sweet cherries

Cuvée Bru

Light malt with melon, subtle pear and honey.

Freyja's Field

Sweet Honey Aroma and Flavour Supported by Light Malt

Ivan the Fermentable

An extremely light and refreshing unfiltered beer with a bready flavour and a subtle hint of cinnamon.

Monk's Misery

Malty and slightly smoky dark ale with herbal, woody flavour and lavender nose

Brewmaster's Edition

Featuring our most imaginative flavours and profiles, they are a product of our passion for invention, our constant curiosity and our insatiable sense of adventure.

Abandoned Abbey

Copper -brown with a light creamy head and a slight bitter taste. This beer exhibits a considerable depth of fruity, peppery character. A dark, very rich, complex, strong Belgian ale.

Barrel Aged Bourbon

Rich, full bodied beer with layers of bourbon, and caramel and an oakiness to it. Nice alcohol warmth.

Barrel Aged Cognac

It's all about the oakiness of the barrels and the complex flavours from the cognac.

Barrel Aged Sherry

The warmth of the sherry barrels present in the flavour. This beer is malty with a subtle dryness from the sherry.

Cherry Bomber

A complex ale, that is bready with notes of sweet cherries and a subtle hint of banana and cloves

Colaborador Español

Mellow mouthfeel with a fruity tang and complex depth of flavours and esters, mild bitterness and low carbonation. Wonderful orange hue.

Cracked Pepper Wheat Ale

Spicy pepper aroma and finish

Dead Reckoning

Pronounced British hop flavour and nose with a nice bitter bite and a clean finish.

Juniper Mild Summer Lager

Medium bodied lager, with a slight Juniper nose and bitterness

Life of Chai

Maltiness up front with a floral/chai/cardamom finish

Purple Gas

Light summer wheat ale, with a hint of berry and sweet finish.

Steel Cut Oatmeal Raisin Stout

Highly roasted malt flavour with notes of chocolate and an almost silent raisin, dark fruit flavour. Lingering aftertaste.

The Anarchist

Mild malt, caramel, earthy hop

The Cascadian

Mild malt, caramel, citrus hop

Thresher Wheat Lager

Caramel, bready and malty. Slight but balanced hop bite.

Winter Spice Ale

A medium bodied brown ale with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.

Cider Series

Rock Creek Black Currant Cider

The tart black currant flavours are balanced with the subtle sweetness from the apple.

Rock Creek Cherry Cider

Slightly sour, not tart with subtle almond notes from the cherry pits.

Rock Creek Dry Cider

Apple with notes of vanilla and cinnamon, mouth feel is crisp and dry

Rock Creek Pear Cider

Sweet Bartlett pear.