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Big Rock Brewery Embraces Sustainability with New Earthrings Packaging

Big Rock Brewery Embraces Sustainability with New Earthrings Packaging

Big Rock Brewery Embraces Sustainability with New “Earthrings” Packaging


June 18, 2024 — Calgary, Alberta — Big Rock Brewery Inc. (TSX: BR) (“Big Rock” or the “Corporation“) Inc is excited to announce it has taken steps towards enhanced sustainability by switching its’ four, six and eight-pack products from plastic ring bindings to “Earthrings.”

Earthrings, designed to reduce packaging waste, are crafted from multiple layers of solid fiber cardboard with a biodegradable, moisture-resistant coating. These are 100% recyclable, compostable, and made with environmentally friendly inks, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic packaging.

Earthrings provide several key benefits:

  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Earthrings decompose naturally, helping to reduce landfill waste and ocean pollution.
  • Versatility in Disposal: They can be easily recycled or composted, offering flexibility for consumers and minimizing negative environmental impact;
  • Durability and Strength: Despite being eco-friendly, Earthrings are designed to securely hold and protect beverage cans, maintaining the quality Big Rock drinkers expect; and
  • Reduced Packaging Waste: It is estimated this transition will divert 23,529 kg of packaging waste annually from the landfill.

In May of this year Big Rock installed two new pieces of equipment that automatically bind our cans with Earthrings.  These machines are designed and manufactured in North America, and are readily equipped to handle the transition to this environmentally friendly solution.

David Kinder, Big Rock’s President and Chief Executive Officer noted “This transition aligns with Big Rock Brewery’s commitment to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable practices. The installation of the equipment to affix Earthrings to our products represents about one-half of our capital budget this year and will help uphold the quality and presentation of Big Rock Brewery products while also supporting our environmental goals and allow us to comply with the ban on single-use plastics.”

Big Rock also announced today that, having completed a review of its distribution model, effective June 17, 2024, it will now be distributing products from a cross-docking facility in Edmonton via a partnership with Hy-Line Express Ltd.  No interruption in service is anticipated.

For more information on Earthrings, visit Earthrings FAQs.

About Big Rock Brewery Inc.

In 1985, Ed McNally founded Big Rock to contest the time’s beer trends. Three bold, European-inspired offerings – Bitter, Porter and Traditional Ale – forged an industry at a time heavy on easy drinking lagers and light on flavour. Today, our extensive portfolio of signature beers, ongoing seasonal offerings, six ciders (Rock Creek Cider® series) and custom-crafted private label products and other notable, licensed alcoholic beverages keeps us at the forefront of the craft beer revolution and still proudly contesting the beer and alcoholic beverage trends of today. With brewing operations in Calgary, Alberta, Vancouver, British Columbia, and Toronto, Ontario. Big Rock trades on the TSX under the symbol “BR”. For more information on Big Rock Brewery visit

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