Big Rock

Classics 35th Anniversary Pack

2020 Marked the 35th Anniversary of brewing beer at Big Rock! This throwback pack was a tip of the cap to our founder Ed McNally and the big sky thinking he put forward to the first wave of craft beer in Canada.


Retired Beer


Strong Blonde Lager

ABV: 6.66 %

Grasshopper with Lemon

Wheat Ale with Lemon

IBU: 16

ABV: 5 %

Winter Spice

Spiced Ale

IBU: 12.5

ABV: 6 %

Wunderbier Dunkelweizen


IBU: 15.5

ABV: 5 %

Cashmere Crooner

Single Hop Lager

IBU: 25

ABV: 4.9 %

3-Way IPA

Wet Hop IPA

IBU: 35

ABV: 6 %

Belly Flop

Apricot Grisette

IBU: 18

ABV: 3.9 %

Magpie Roggenbier Rye Ale

Roggenbier (Rye Ale)

IBU: 18

ABV: 5 %

Doug Cascadian Dark Ale

Cascadian Dark Ale

IBU: 45

ABV: 6 %

Kriek Lambic Cherry


ABV: 7.4 %

Bourbon Barrel Dark Amber

Barrel Aged Dark Amber

IBU: 45

ABV: 8.8 %

Oak Flemish Red Beer

Oak Flemish Red

IBU: 22

ABV: 7.8 %

Rye Barrel Aged Beer

Rye Barrel Aged Beer

IBU: 16

ABV: 6.2 %

Scotch Barrel Aged Beer

Scotch Barrel Aged Beer

IBU: 20

ABV: 7.2 %

Big Rock Lime

Light Lager

ABV: 4 %

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