Big Rock Brewery - Hollow Tree

Brewmaster's Notes


Pacific Northwest Red Ale







Key Ingredients:

  • Hops: Magnum
  • Malt: Carastan and Munich Malts


Red Amber colour with a medium head


Characteristic Pacific Northwest citrus/grapefruit/flowery aroma will be present due to the use of whole Cascade leaf hops in the brewhouse hopback.


Medium bodied, slightly carbonated


Inital "bite" up front but balanced by the malts. A distinct but not a lingering hop finish.

Food Pairing:

Pulled pork (see recipe), lamb, turkey, s'mores and cookie based desserts.

Beer Story

The inaugural beer from our new Big Rock brewery in Vancouver. A refreshing brew to enjoy after a day exploring our beautiful backyard. Hop backing whole Cascade leaf hops brings out their citrus and flowery characters. The rich caramel and toffee flavours are courtesy of Carastan and Munich malts.

1st Place Winner in the Amber/Brown Ale category at the 2015 BC Beer Awards!

2nd Place Winner in the Amber/Red Ale category at the 2016 Canadian Brewing Awards!


No Longer Available

Hollow Tree Pulled Pork


  • 1 pork shoulder 5-6 lbs
  • 1 500 ml can of tomatoes
  • 2 jalapenos
  • 1 large onion
  • Cajun rub
  • 2 bottles of Hollow Tree
  • Salt
  • pepper


Pre heat oven to 225. Take your pork shoulder and rub it down completely with premade Cajun rub or your own blend. Once its rubbed down put it into a oven proof vessel with lid and add one bottle of hollow tree red ale. Let cook for 12 hrs. (best done over night or first thing in the morning.

Once the pork comes out of the oven let cool a little before shredding

In a pot add one large onion (diced) and Jalapenos (diced). Once the onions start to brown add the can of tomatoes. When the tomatoes start to thicken add the juice that was in the bottom of the pork pan. The liquid should be well incorporated before adding the shredded pork shoulder. Cook down to desired thickness and serve. Works well with sliders, tacos, pork sandwiches, quesadilla or even burritos.