Big Rock


August 14, 2019

3 Reasons Why You Should Come to the September Barn Burner Concert

There’s a certain energy you get from being at a live show. Think about how a sporting event is always more exciting when you are there in person. But music can connect with us on a whole other level.

Here’s a few reasons why you should come to our September Barn Burner:

It’s an intimate venue


I mean, have you ever been to a show in the parking lot of a brewery. That’s not to say the grounds aren’t sizeable, especially for a craft brewery. But it’s still an intimate experience. The brewhouse shapes an L around the parking lot and center stage is set at the top. Mature trees line the fences – which is pretty nice to see, come September.


All of the food trucks, and all of the beer


Calgary’s food scene is worth checking out. Big Rock is proud to team up with some of Calgary’s top hitters. At Barn Burner we line half of the grounds with food trucks, bringing you an epic variety.

And who doesn’t like a reasonably priced pint or cider to go with it? It’s like a mini-music festival for the day, with all the selection.

Did we mention beer?


This one is a no brainer – The music.


We are very excited to be featuring Canadian talent – Tokyo Police Cub. These guys first hit the indie world in 2008 and have been releasing albums since. We can’t wait to see their energy and experience on our stage.

Mt. Joy – The American born 5-some are quite new to the scene, comparatively but have already played some huge festivals such as Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, just to name a few.

Scenic Route to Alaska – A trio out of Edmonton who has already done an across the pond tour. Think about the bragging rights you get when you can say you discovered them.


So, get your tickets, and come party with us in September. It’s going to be a Barn Burner.    GET TICKETS HERE