Big Rock


March 5, 2020

Beer Battle Royale:
McNally's Extra vs Helles Bock

As we plan out our Fall 2020 seasonal beers, we need your help choosing one of the beers to go into our Fall 2020 Variety Pack.

We want to bring back one of our retired beers and we want our drinkers to help to pick which one.


Your 2 Choices:  McNally’s Extra VS Helles Bock


McNally’s Extra

STYLE: Irish Style Red Ale

ABV: 7%

COLOUR: Medium Red

CHARACTER: A powerful brew with a rich, satiny texture and a confident balance of intense, complex flavours.  It is sweet and hoppy with burnt toffee caramel and dark fruity plum notes.

FUN FACT: McNally’s Extra has earned 3 stars on its label.  World Beer Expert, Micheal Jackson ranks McNally’s Extra as one of his all-time favourite beers.  He calls it “as proud an Irish Ale as can be found anywhere”.

Helles Bock

STYLE: Strong Lager

ABV: 6.66%

COLOUR: Golden Blonde

CHARACTER: Sweet and malty flavour brewed to bock strength.  It is light-colored but full-bodied with a light hop finish.

FUN FACT: When it was being brewed, they expected the ABV to be around 6.5%. In a devilish twist, the brew came out at 6.66%.  And so Helles Bock was born, a happy ( if slightly evil) accident.