Big Rock

Signature Series

June 27, 2017

To Wedge or not to Wedge?

As the weather heats up – we’re jumping back into this hot debate… to wedge, or not to wedge! (Note: No wedgie’s please! We’re talking LEMON WEDGES.)

Of course, there are plenty of you purists out there. You say … “Don’t mess with my Grasshopper. It’s perfect the way it is.” We hear you, loud and clear. And we agree…But…In recent years, pints of Grasshopper have popularly been served with a fresh slice of lemon. We can’t blame the person who started this. As you raise your glass, your senses are tingled by the lemon aroma. The tartness of the citrus fruit accentuates certain properties of the Weizen yeast and the citrus qualities of the brew. It’s a delicious way to enjoy your Grasshopper.

Bottom line… we love the debate. We believe there’s no wrong way to drink a Grasshopper. Wedge or no wedge. Do your thing, and enjoy YOUR beer.

Cheers to Great Beers!


Brewmaster Q&A on Grasshopper:

1. When did you first start brewing Grasshopper for Big Rock?
I was working in the Fermentation Cellar in the old brewery when Grass first came out…. Around 1994. – Jody Hammell, BC Brewmaster

2. What’s the story on the wheat?
It doesn’t hurt to use great wheat to make a great wheat beer – we are lucky to have access to such fine ingredients. – Connor Patrick, Ontario Brewmaster

3. Why do you think this beer continues to stand the test of time with craft beer drinkers?
This is a well made and authentic to the style filtered Wheat beer, a perfect patio beer – it has flavour but not “over the top” and is very drinkable. – Jody Hammell, BC Brewmaster

4. How do you like your Grasshopper? With or without a slice of lemon?
The only thing I like in my grasshopper pint glass is more grasshopper. No lemon for me, but if you like it, go for it! – Connor Patrick, Ontario Brewmaster

5. When it comes to being true to style, what about our process/recipe makes this beer a Kristallweizen?
It is 30% malted wheat from Alberta. The balance being Alberta grown two-row barley. This beer has the yeast removed by filtration to a brilliant golden yellow, which is what makes it a Kristallweizen. – Paul Gautreau, Big Rock Brewery Brewmaster


“This beer is the gold standard for Kristallweizens in Canada. It was a game changer for craft beer when it first arrived on the scene in 1994… and there’s still nothing quite like it.” ~ Brewmaster Paul Gautreau