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July 25, 2018

5 Things to Remember for an Unforgettable Folk Fest

1. Tarp


Tarps are an essential part of the Calgary Folk Fest experience. They keep your bum dry and your land claimed while you’re hopping from stage to stage. You may have heard the term ‘tarpie’ thrown about over the years. (Those who essentially camp out in order to stake out their 6×8 piece of land for the main stage concerts.) The tarp ‘run’ (more of a skip/gallop/walk since running is actually prohibited) is a daily spectacle when the gates open and music fans spill out of the organized chaos to claim a slice of grass. Whether you’re a seasoned tarpie or new to the process, it’s always a good idea to grab a spot early in the day if there’s an artist you’re dying to see in the evening. If you’re more of a beer gardener, take in the sight and raise a glass to the tarpies.

2. Layers


It’s Calgary. You know what to expect (or what to not expect) when it comes to the weather. Make sure you’re ready to layer up or down when it’s blazing hot, raining, hailing, or just in-between. We can help you out with this one. Check out our K-Way jackets – they’re waterproof and fold into their own pocket. Easy to toss in your bag, or even wear as a belt!

3. Bike, Carpool, or take the train


If you can, choose the green option and bike, carpool, or take the train down to Prince’s Island Park. Not only will you save yourself the time trying to park and get out after the festival, but you might even get a special surprise from Big Rock!


4. A hat, sunscreen, and water


Yeah yeah yeah, we know mom. But seriously. No one likes to get sunburnt, especially on day one of a festival. Slather it on, bring a re-usable water bottle, and keep cool with a hat when it’s going to be a scorcher. We can help in that department too. Check out our variety of hats here.

5. Plan ahead


There’s those of us who plan our whole Folk Fest weekend out like clockwork. For others it’s more of a wander taking in whatever catches their ears. Find out what’s happening when and where (and most importantly, when the beer gardens open) by downloading the Folk Fest app or using their mobile site. You can favourite the artists you don’t want to miss, discover and listen to new music, and use the interactive map if you get lost on the island. If you’re more old-school, look for a volunteer selling programmes for $5 cash.
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